Dimmesdale as a symbolic character of puritan society in the scarlet letter by n hawthorne

In all these examples, the meaning of the symbol depends on the context and sometimes the interpreter. The colony would not have survived without the faith, hard work, courage, and perseverance of these early religious believers.

Table of Contents Arthur Dimmesdale Arthur Dimmesdale, like Hester Prynne, is an individual whose identity owes more to external circumstances than to his innate nature. Esther however, did not instill these rules into Pearl.

Colors play a similar role to light and darkness. Hester is such a symbol. This great family structure kept everyone in line with God, and adultery or any kind of sexual sin was shunned severely.

The more he suffers, the better his sermons become. Every chapter in The Scarlet Letter has symbols displayed through characterization, setting, colors, and light. She is natural law unleashed, the freedom of the unrestrained wilderness, the result of repressed passion.

The novel begins with Esther emerging from prison holding Pearl, her illegitimate baby whom she had borne out of an act of adultery. It is a sign of adultery, penance, and penitence.

The Puritans who settled Massachusetts Bay Colony believed that all mankind was depraved and sinful because of Adam and Eve's fall in the Garden of Eden. The Elect were people chosen by God for salvation. It was here that thoughts and ideas flowed as endlessly as the babbling brook, and emotion was as wild as the forest itself.

In his death, Dimmesdale becomes even more of an icon than he was in life. The author uses the reverend to represent a flaw within Puritan authority figure. It also seems to be, at times, the light of truth and grace.

His soul aside, he does do good works. Whereas the Puritans translated such rituals into moral and repressive exercises, Hawthorne turns their interpretations around in The Scarlet Letter.

Even as the beadle — an obvious symbol of the righteous Colony of Massachusetts — proclaims that the settlement is a place where "iniquity is dragged out into the sunshine," the colony, along with the Reverend Mr.

In this world, Hester can take off her cap, let down her hair, and discuss plans with Dimmesdale to be together away from the rigid laws of the Puritans. Backward to the settlement, thou sayest. Dimmesdale and Chillingworth, both "sinners" for their part in this drama, are valued and revered members of this repressive community, while Hester is an outcast because of her publicly acknowledged sin.

Church and State Those who were male and members of the church could vote.

The Scarlet Letter

Click the character infographic to download. Besides the characters, the most obvious symbol is the scarlet letter itself, which has various meanings depending on its context. It is a sign of adultery, penance, and penitence.

It brings about Hester's suffering and loneliness and also provides her rejuvenation. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne conveys the effects of sin on each character through Hester’s ostracism from society, both physically and emotionally due to her sin of adultery, through Dimmesdale’s sickness and self- inflicted suffering due to his sin of hypocrisy, and through Chillingworth’s transformatio.

Throughout the infamous novel The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author, illuminates relationships between individuals and a society. One really cannot understand Dimmesdale or his dilemma without at least a cursory understanding of the Puritans who inhabited Boston at this time (see the essay "The Puritan Community" in the Critical Essays) and Hawthorne's psychological perspective through which he presents this tragic character.

The Scarlet Letter

Hester Prynne - Hester is the book’s protagonist and the wearer of the scarlet letter that gives the book its thesanfranista.com letter, a patch of fabric in the shape of an “A,” signifies that Hester is an “adulterer.” As a young woman, Hester married an elderly scholar, Chillingworth.

In The Scarlet Letter, those two branches of the government are represented by Mr. Roger Wilson (Church) and Governor Bellingham (State). The rules governing the Puritans came from the Bible, a source of spiritual and ethical standards.

Dimmesdale as a symbolic character of puritan society in the scarlet letter by n hawthorne
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Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter